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We offer realistic and inexpensive advertising solutions for all businesses in the Gironde | Charente Maritime area from websites to mail shots, let us get your business GOing

Social Media Marketing

GoGironde offer several Social Media marketing packages.  This type of modern marketing works well if you have a continuous feed to update customers.  However your customers must be social media converts for them to access the information.  Multiply social media channels have a big impact on customers especially using Google tools as these link with the most popular Google search engine.   Perfect for smaller businesses who do not want the expense of a web site or the up keep.


Social Media Marketing Packages

Prices exclude:  TVA tax

Set up Fee:  From 100 euro

Follow up and posting service: From 30 euro per month

Social Channels which can be included in your package: FaceBook Page, Google Business Page, Google + Page, YouTube Channel, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram

Email Shot

Prices include: Clickable link to exterior website / social media site / email address
Prices exclude:  TVA tax & Design Fee if required.
Customer Designed Adverts must comply with GoGironde’s specifications.

Your social media marketing may be missing a percentage of people who do not use social media and prefer to see emails. GoGironde has a database of email addresses from people who have expressed an interest in the area and want to a recieve information on events – therefore being a captive audience for your mail shot.

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