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We offer realistic and inexpensive advertising solutions for all businesses in the Gironde | Charente Maritime area from websites to mail shots, let us get your business GOing

Why use web sites & social media?

Whether you have technical know-how or not, ¬†it is a fact that in today’s modern world the majority of new customers arrive at your business by using the internet. ¬†Therefore to ‘get your business going’ and growing it is important to add a web based strategy to your marketing plan no matter how small or large you are.

The prospect of using today’s modern internet tools can be quite daunting, in a world of google+, business pages, facebook, twitter, youtube, maps and more it is easy without knowledge to close the book on technology, however whilst you continue with conventional methods, your business could be shown as closed on any number of social media channels and hundreds of potential customers could be lost.

GoGironde let you take control and offer a number of packages to suit your specific needs and to get your business growing. From fully responsive websites integrated with multiple social media channels and search engine optimized (SEO) to mini packages for social media content with a GoGironde webpage linked advert – we have a solution for you.

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