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We offer realistic and inexpensive advertising solutions for all businesses in the Gironde | Charente Maritime area from websites to mail shots, let us get your business GOing

GoGironde Directory

GoGironde aims to have a fully comprehensive on-line directory, making it easier for visitors and residents in our area to find what they need and equally find your business.  Traditionally we have many printed directories, but in these modern times most visitors will turn to their phone for on-line help and the printed directory is quickly becoming obsolete.

We offer free listings for businesses in the Gironde area – all you need to do is send us an email with your business name, telephone number, website (if applicable), email address, and type of business.  We will then add you.

We also offer premium listings for a minimum period of six months. Your listing is added to the top of the list in your category and we will also include a short business description and a clickable link to your social media page or website. for more informaiton on rates please click here

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